Tuesday, 21 March 2017

new work

a look at just three of the various new artworks coming to my shop tomorrow.....

still life with yellow cup and patterned jug

still life with yellow cup and patterned jug - gouache painting

a woodland walk

a woodland walk - gouache painting

still life with pot of seedlings

still life with pot of seedlings - a monoprint drawing

Monday, 20 March 2017


still life wtih plate of fruit

a monoprint drawing - still life with plate of fruit

Hello, it's been a sunny, rainy, chilly start to the week here. I've spent the day painting and drawing, photographing artwork, cutting paper, sorting through folders and getting on with stuff. It's always a varied day for me, never do I do exactly the same thing over and over.....

This week - I am updating my shop on Wednesday at the usual time of 2pm. Expect to see a varied, lively, eclectic mix of paintings and drawings. Following this week's update I'll be taking some time to make new work, will be busy with various things (see my last post) and so will be updating my shop again after Easter, mid-to-late April. I'll let you know the date nearer the time. So if you have been thinking/hoping of buying an original artwork from my shop, and would like it to you for before Easter, then this week is your chance......

Thanks always for reading here. I know there are a number of people who do read, even if comments are rare - that's fine! Blogging, social media and online activity in general has evolved and will continue to.... I am prepared to write a blog post here twice a week or so, just so long as I know the visitor numbers are still alive - and they are actually increasing for me. Thank you.

I hope you have a good start to your week. More tomorrow.....

Saturday, 18 March 2017

new work

still life with pale teapot

still life with pale teapot

terrace cottages in spring

terrace cottages in spring

A look at just a few of the paintings made recently - these and others will be in my shop next Wednesday.

recent morning drawings

I will be adding a small selection of drawings to my shop next Wednesday - these above are just an example - I have yet to select which recent drawings I might sell. The drawings I do decide to sell will be offered at special prices.

A quick note about shop updates - the next one is this coming Wednesday 22nd at the usual time of 2pm. I'll then be taking a break from updating my shop for several weeks, updating again toward the end of April. I will be working quietly during this time but I have other commitments, (including a need to help my son as he revises for his GCSEs during the Easter holidays). During the weeks ahead I'm looking forward to taking some time to explore mark-making and collage, with monoprinting and drawing. I feel I have worked very intensely on figurative painting in recent months - and whilst I am not abandoning it - I need to explore other ideas, or rather return to ideas I've found in older sketchbooks and would like to rediscover. So, I shall see where April takes me....

I'll share a further selection of new work next week. Thanks always and enjoy your weekend