Wednesday, 23 April 2014

shop news

'forget-me-nots' - am embroidery portrait

small hand woven pillows or pincushions.... these little weavings made into tiny pillows are like poems with their gentle quirks and lines.... I hope you enjoy taking a look at the new selection I have just added to my Etsy shop today. I'll be adding new items regularly from now on. Happy as always to reserve one item at a time, for up to one week.

thanks x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

new stitches

'a bird in hand'

in my hand..... this is a small, intricate piece..... I've been thinking back to the earlier stitched pieces I made, improvised drawings and mostly just black thread - and how I like this essential drawing .... I am thinking more about how I want to draw with thread and continue to improvise and develop tiny stories and find intriguing characters.....

a group of knots brooches make something like a flower.....

these and more will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow... I'll be adding items over the coming week and onwards....

more tomorrow x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Giveaway winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my brooch giveaway -such a bouquet of favourite flowers.... above is mine: auricula. This little gem has a delicate scent.

And the winner of the knots brooch is: Anne Dinan. I will be in touch Anne!

Thanks for all your kind words, thanks especially to Tina for your lovely poem - thanks for all your floral inspiration.....

This Easter Weekend was a quietly busy indoors sort of holiday for us here - it rained and rained on Sunday, with thunder and lightning for a bit of drama. But today has been brighter.....

I am re-opening my Etsy shop on Wednesday and will be adding new items gradually, as the week goes by. My way forward is not so many 'big' updates but little and often.

More soon x