Tuesday, 6 October 2015

words in stitches

a work-in-progress shot (it's been a dark and rainy day)

I'm continuing to explore improvised writing and stitch.... and have just completed a book made of fabric and thread 'toward a poem'.... using my own hand dyed (plant dyed) fabric and cotton threads.

The written word in stitch is of course nothing new. From ancient banners and flags, to hand embroidered samplers, to stitching names in clothing - the word in thread has a long history. My approach in the past has been to write poetry 'for stitch' and then using my sewing machine as a handwriting tool I have created a range of works.

These days I am working in an improvised way, considering my ideas around writing, the writing process, the natural world, stream-of-consciousness writing.... The improvised texts I am currently stitching share something about how my brain ticks over, what fascinates me about the creative process... loose and tangled threads express more about the layers of thought and strands of memory that go into my work.... If this sounds a little complicated it is quite a tricky process but the end results are 'simply' presented.

I like to write quickly with words spilling or slipping over the edge and threads caught at the edges, as if words are somehow falling away or running off (like paint) the page....

detail view of: 'towards a poem'

'towards a poem' - stitched book

you will be able to see more photographs when this special piece is in my shop tomorrow (and at a special price too)....

Tomorrow's update will include: new stitched works, including a couple of poetry hearts, new painted books and at least one painting.

Monday, 5 October 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

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Hello, a happy October Monday to you - oh a wet chilly start here, yep the 'typically unsettled' October weather has arrived. But you never know when it will all change again, that's British weather for you.... Thanks always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please do follow links to discover more.

And so to this week.... I am working on both painting and stitch, and am finding so many new ideas come about, from one to the other. A week goes by quickly at the moment as I explore my to-do list  and work quietly on a range of projects. Not everything can be accomplished in just a few days, so there are some longer-term projects that I have yet to complete (or share here).That's my wordy way of saying: there's always more to come!

This week on Thursday it is National Poetry Day here in the UK. Of course poetry is a year-round 'event' for me, as I am often scribbling notes or at least thinking about poems that might come about.... Though I may not always write a poem each day or week, I still consider myself 'a poet', in my own quiet way. This week I hope to create a few stitched poetry-themed pieces. Perhaps a few new poetry hearts and possibly an improvised piece or too. It's interesting for me to consider how poetry can be more than printed words on the page. I used to think that I had to make a choice between making visual art or writing but the more I work at both, the more I see how tangled together they are, happily so....

Expect to see new painted books, paintings and embroidery in my shop this week. I am aiming to update at 2pm on Wednesday. (I try to give a time, but this is always subject to change, thanks for your understanding.)

Thanks always for visiting here and taking the time to catch up with what's happening in my creative world. More soon. Have a good start to your week. I hope to share a preview of some new work tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

new work - painted books

a small group of handmade painted books

this is a new, ongoing series - I have, to begin, three books - they are each about 10cm tall, so quite small in scale. The pages are all painted. There are three 'views', or 6 painted sides. The books are designed to be small accessible ways into my paintings, and are rather like small sketchbooks. You may consider displaying in a frame or keeping as a book to be looked at occasionally.

Each book is titled, of course. Above is a view into 'the land we know is ours'. Below are pages from 'same day, other time'.

These books will be added to my shop tomorrow. I hope to also have a rather special embroidery piece completed and few other artworks perhaps..... (Update 2pm tomorrow).