Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday - tiny books

 tiny books - two together - both featuring a portrait of a gentleman from the 18th Century.

this is one of my personal favourite pages; these things need not be too complex. I like painting on unprimed linen (see right page), and will be experimenting more with this

So, another sunny and warm start to the week. We are having a summer in England (this can feel extraordinary and does). It is set to remain sunny for the rest of the week. I'm indoors, staying cool as I work on new stitches, a special order for a London venue - and new stitches for my Etsy shop too (re-opening toward the end of summer, most likely, I want to have a good selection of new work ready).

I'm also working on new landscape paintings and making lots of new sketches toward new ideas. Hope to share with you a few glimpses of new work in the next few weeks. My next shop update will most likely be at around the beginning of August.

If you read my writing blog nevering, you may be interested to know that I am going to attempt to post a new piece of writing there, a poem or short piece of fiction, every day in August. I'm hoping you might like to dip in and read when you can. I'll be exploring new and older ideas (do you remember the Violet Goodenough? you may have that zine from a few years ago - hope to explore more of her story).

Have a good week and more soon.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


sketches - photographed as a pair...... a series of these is coming along (exploring marks and shapes)

Humid but a little cooler here today.

Tiny books tomorrow.....

Friday, 18 July 2014

bees and more

Bees - love the Greek Oregano in our garden. All Oregano and Marjoram plants are excellent bee food. This plant flowers in our garden all summer long. I've uploaded the short video clip for the sound as well as a glimpse of the sight. There are tens of bees on this one clump of flowering plant. (sorry for the poor image quality, it seems blogger has translated the quality a bit).

You don't need me to tell you just how important it is to have bee plants in our gardens. I think the bees I see the most are leaf cutter bees, but I also see the more traditional golden and black bumbles.

a quick snapshot - here's a delphinium in bud and my patterned dress not working so well as a backdrop. This is the first delphinium I have grown, it is in a pot by our kitchen door. I've often admired delphs in other people's gardens and along with lupins and roses I think of them as very 'English garden' - but have never got the opportunity to plant them in the ground. This year I was tempted to 'rescue' a delphinium from a supermarket rack of sad looking plants and did not hope it might flower this year, but in a large pot and with careful watering it has thrived. If it flowers well then next year I will grow several more.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my shop since it was updated on Wednesday. Several artworks are now on their way to new homes. I have new ideas already taking shape (in my head at least) and will be working on these over the next weeks.

Have a good weekend - if I get time I'll share some tiny book pages.