Saturday, 22 November 2014


birds IV

blue tit

birds III

 Birds II

my favourite recent bird photo

birds I

rose hips continue to be a great attraction

each year at this time, when the sky is white, I grab my camera and hope to capture a few thoughtful bird photos

Friday, 21 November 2014

drawings in progress

Apologies for no mosaic this week - I have been rather busy. It is early in the morning here and I've sat down with my cup of tea to share here a few photos of drawings in progress. These drawings are now complete.

photos are phone via Instagram. To see these in better detail please visit my Etsy shop later this afternoon where you will see a new selection of work.

You may have noticed I am adding pages to this blog - you can see the links at the top: paintings, drawings, embroidery etc... Each area of my work getting a simple page of introduction. I have a bit more work to do, including a links page. Thanks always for visiting here, for your comments and I hope to share another post or two over the weekend.

Monday, 17 November 2014


a snapshot via Instagram - a few feathery thank yous. Small cards sent with packages today. Many thanks to everyone for visiting my shop over the weekend. I've sent orders out this morning.

Another wet Monday and there are mumblings in the media about it being yet another long wet winter. No thanks. But we shall see. A few days ago I came across half-price spring bulbs and picked up a small selection - so these I will plant in a large pot asap. I might even get a moment later today. Then we shall have flowers to look forward to, even if I am just on the edge of being late. But thinking about it, I've planted bulbs at the end of December in the past and they came up - eventually!

This week I am continuing on with my various projects and ideas. I'm enjoying the gentle contrasts - the colours and movement of my messenger series and the peace and stillness of the still life paintings. The texture and timeless quality of simple weaving and the intricate stories to be found in drawing.

My future projects for next year include all the above - and some new little books. More details in the new year then!

Have a good start to your week.