Monday, 20 October 2014


my drawing desk (via Instagram)

Hello, another October Monday and the week started out sunny here. I looked up at the hawthorn tree in our little front garden and noted how all the leaves are curled and brown. I watching a blue tit and noted what a throaty little song he had.

This week I am working on quite a variety of projects. Hoping to make a start on a new larger embroidery piece I've been thinking about.

And I'm especially happy to let you know about my forthcoming NOVEMBER POSTCARDS. Yes, during November my Bigcartel shop will be taken over and 'filled to the brim' with postcard-size original artworks. This is my opportunity to offer you a smaller modestly-priced artwork - there will be work representing many of the different ideas and media I have explored over the years and continue to explore: figurative gouache sketches, collages, abstract paintings, botanicals, landscapes and more. Something for everyone.

I'll be sharing here a few little glimpses at some of the postcards as they evolve on my desk - but to see the selection you will need to wait, just a little while, until November 1st. There will be a broad range to see from the 1st and I'll be topping up with new postcards through November.

Just a note to also say, I have hinted here (and over at nevering) about a possible future zine (or three), but please know there's no plan to publish one until next year at the earliest. I'm continuing to work on ideas. 

Thanks always for reading here and have a good start to your week.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


sketchbook sketchbook pages

you are welcome to follow me over at tumblr, where I have a blog dedicated to my abstract sketchbooks. I will be posting most of my abstract work over at tumblr from now on. I've a mini-zine in the early stages of construction and some abstract paintings in progress too.

Thanks to everyone for taking a look at my recent work, your interest and kind comments are much appreciated. As you may know from reading here I am busy working on what may seem to be a diverse range of projects, but for me they overlap and inform, help each other along in many ways.

(Oh and a new Grandmama story has been posted today over at nevering. Hope you may enjoy reading.)

Friday, 17 October 2014

rediscovering ink

angel sing angel sing - pen on paper

I have this week completed three detailed pen drawings - I find them fascinating to work, engrossing and just the kind of 'puzzling out' I enjoy so much. They allow me to explore ideas of light and shade that is not so possible in my embroidery, for example. Drawing in pen is not something new to me, I used to draw with pen quite obsessively but then, for what reason I do not know exactly, it drifted from me - perhaps the embroidery and exploring textiles and paint took over. Now the is the return of the pen. Though I enjoy pencil too, yes. I see in drawing an intense kind of storytelling, illustration, that I feel I can explore.

New embroidery and drawings in my Etsy shop this afternoon.