Tuesday, 1 September 2015

the white chair

the white chair

the white chair

acrylics on paper - a work in my series of 'figures on paper' - (and you will be able to see this one in my shop tomorrow).

I begin with layers and work into them, seeing things, making marks, finding figures. As with most of the other works in this ongoing series, 'the white chair' came about working with no fixed plan in mind. I discovered the shapes of the figures, almost but not quite greeting each other. Here you see something of a musical chairs game, or a game of chance or memory.... And the figures: one with dark skirt one with light, are somehow balancing each other?? But you may see other stories here.

Looking forward to showing you all the new paintings and embroidery in my shop tomorrow, 2pm UK time.

Monday, 31 August 2015

mosaic Monday - giveaway winner and embroidery preview

mosaic Monday

1. new book project - 100 ways of joyful destruction, 2. pastel sketch of woman sleeping on the sofa, 3. 5127s, 4. _, 5. Light, 6. the magic of seeds and pods, 7. laten varen, 8. The X On The Map, 9. untitled, 10. riffs, 11. flickr.com/photos/34034435@N00/20364426284/, 12. Untitled, 13. Leeds & Liverpool Canal, 14. gorthyfail, 15. gatekeeper, 16. DSC_0003 (3), 17. plant, 5x7 inch, casein, 18. devotion, 19. Untitled, 20. Totems

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A Happy Monday to you - happy to be announcing the winner of my embroidery brooch giveaway (not so happy about the rain rain rain, but never mind)...... Thanks as always to the artists, photographers and makers featured in this mosaic of images. I hope you may find some inspiration, please follow links to discover more.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. Thank you for your thoughtful, kind, generous and lovely comments - they made me smile....... (My daughter Emily helped me select a name at random, using a randomizing bit of software and so I am confident of an impartial and fair outcome:))

.....And so the winner is: Yulin. Please get in touch with your address Yulin, you can send a message to me via my shop.

Now on to this week - and it's a special week as I am offering an all-new selection of artwork. From now until mid-December you will be able to see new work added to my shop most Wednesdays
(I won't be updating on the 9th Sept).

My shop will be updated this Wednesday at 2pm UK time. 

bird in hand

Here is 'bird in hand' - a miniature embroidery artwork - one of a selection of new works to be found in my shop from Wednesday.

(As always I am happy to reserve artworks once the shop has been updated. I can reserve for up to two weeks.)

Thanks again for your interest in my giveaway and for your interest always - it is a pleasure to be in touch. Have a good start to your week and more soon.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

GIVEAWAY - embroidery brooch

It is always a pleasure to offer a little giveaway here on my blog - I don't do this so very often, so when I do, I like to make it a special one.....

As you may know I've been quite busy designing and making new embroidery works.... One thing on my to-do list was to design smaller embroidery brooches. I've made portrait brooches before now but wished to offer something that showcased my intricate stitch work. Here you see a group of tiny dreaming faces. Rather than the usual oval shape, I decided upon a more rectangular yet curved design.

I also wanted to be able to offer these new smaller brooches at a modest price, say less than £20.... So you will see next week (when I update my shop) a few of these new brooches available, each unique, different colours....

But before my shop update next week - I'm offering you the chance to 'win' this little brooch.

I took the opportunity to photograph the brooch in different ways. Here it is pinned to a scarf - a scarf that I use as a curtain tie.....

Amongst my reels of cotton thread.....

 and worn as a brooch - the dark pink thread is a new colour for me to use in this way - but as you may have noted I'm experimenting more with my use of colour.

If you would like to own this brooch - and I have only the one to giveaway - then please do leave a comment here on this post. (Comments left elsewhere don't count - but if you are shy you can email me to enter). Just leave a comment saying hello. This giveaway is open to anyone, in the UK or overseas.

You have until next Monday morning at 9am UK time. I will add all names into a hat and one name will be picked out at random. Please check back on Monday to find out if you have been lucky..... and thank you.