Monday, 22 September 2014


Hello Monday again and the sun continues, though it was quite chilly this morning.... As I walk about our neighbourhood, I note the fallen branches are artfully arranged... the changing shape of the world, I keep looking for something new and I see it in the angle of a branch and go home to sketch the way things connect or do not. As the trees shed their leaves so it is like saying hello again to the old framework of branches and shadows. Here we are again.

This week I am working on 'other stuff' and there will be no shop updates. I've got several projects to work on or complete. Over the weeks ahead I'll be focusing on embroidery works for my Etsy shop, with the holidays on the horizon. Hoping to also make new paintings in weeks ahead too.

I'm also making time for exploring my personal abstract work which is not destined for any shop/exhibition at present.

Thanks to you for taking a look at all the new artworks in my Bigcartel shop. As always I am grateful for all the interest and for the kind comments here. I hope to share some interesting posts and inspiration as this week goes by.

Friday, 19 September 2014

gently does it

'dark jar with gentle flowering stems' - this is a mixed media work on watercolour paper..... I am particularly fond of the fleshy flowers and am trying to remember the name of this flower, as I painted from memory. Quite small flowers in real life. I will fathom it out when my gardening brain lets me....

This is a gently textured work, acrylics on canvas. 'Tea and hand stitches'.

Both these artworks will be in my shop tomorrow - I'll also have a selection of smaller works that I have not featured on the blog this week. As you may tell I have been busy painting over recent weeks and feel quietly happy with these new compositions.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


a bowl of wayside stems
a bowl of wayside stems

acrylics on canvas (12 x 10 inches)

a quiet, otherworldly, yesteryear feel to this painting - created using subtle layers.

two small studies (via instagram)

Thanks for your comments and emails re: blogging, the mystery of abandoned blogs and more. I am glad to know I am not alone in feeling Facebook is not really for me, though I do have an account. Twitter is an odd beast of information, though I do post there too. Instagram is something I have got into recently, but again on a limited level because I know it could suck you in and take your time up if allowed.

Thinking about time and managing time, I have been working out recently just how much of my working day (roughly) I spend working on different aspects of being a professional artist. One observation I will share with you: about 25% of my time in recent months has been used working on sketchbooks and other personal areas of my work. I feel this has become more essential for me in recent times, with several directions open to me.