Friday, 22 May 2015

thank you

storyteller - miniature embroidery portrait (other side)

'storyteller' (sold) - the alternate or reverse side of this miniature portrait.... I would be happy to display this work either 'right side' or 'other side'.

My shop update has kept me very busy and thanks to everyone for your purchases and visits. If you have yet to take a look - please do and note all embroidery is at special prices only until June 1st.

I've sent a batch of parcels off to places near and far. I'm happy to reserve work and answer questions, as always, so do get in touch.

So now I am looking forward to taking a bit of time off next week (half-term), but will be quietly working on new ideas too. And next week I'll tell you more about my plans for June.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

a wistful song

'a wistful song' - a larger embroidery portrait

a very detailed work, with so many tiny twists and turns of leaf and face..... this will be in my shop tomorrow (updating at 6pm).

All embroidery works will be offered at a special price - until 1st June.

I have a lively variety of paintings too, I am pleased with how my paintings are evolving.... I look forward to showing more work tomorrow.

Monday, 18 May 2015

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday
1. Waldgarten "Pupuce"- Berlin Fohnau, 2. Stitched Stories - Verfolgen Sie die Ereignisse...., 3. to tao-te king, 4. mantas de retalhos, 5. purple, 6. may182015, 7. between rock pool cracks, 8. Quiet Talk, 9. ����➰ #liedirkx #skypedoodles #sketchbook, 10. New dollhouse wallpaper #doll #dollhouse #wallpaper #porcelain #handmade #hemligdolls, 11. Splash Down, 12. # 3357 "Paper 33", 13. 1DSC_0005, 14. can't sleep, 15. Sketchbook, 16. somelight, 17. Untitled, 18. Acua-tinta - 2015 - 68, 19. #process #paintingoverolderpainting #lifeinathens  #chair #home #startingapainting #acrylics  #painting, 20. IMG_20150214_175346

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Hello, a happy Monday to you - it's a breezy, chilly sort of sunny start to the week here. I've got a feeling May and April swapped weather patterns this year. Many thanks as always to the artists and photographers featured in this week's mosaic. Please follow links to discover more.

It's a busy week for me as I complete work and get everything ready for my shop update on Wednesday. I have a lively, lovely mix of work to offer this month and I hope you will make time to take a look - and the time for this update will be: 6pm UK time.

Also please note I will be offering all my embroidery artworks at a special price - for a limited time only - until the end of May. This is a rare opportunity to purchase an embroidery piece at a special price, and as I am taking a short break from my stitching until July........

There will be a chance for me, I hope, to share a few more previews with you tomorrow. Have a good start to your week.