Friday, 31 October 2014



 teabowls or tea bowls, (I say both) - acrylics on linen with a card backing.

I tried my best to photograph this large group (and sorry if a few paintings look a little tilted - that was me standing on a chair and getting the best shot that I could). Please see individual photos in the shop tomorrow for a better look at the layering, texture and detail that goes into each bowl portrait.

Each bowl has its own individual shape and they are all inspired by hand built ceramics. The taller form that you see centre row on the left is inspired by some traditional Japanese teacups called Yunomi, and they have a more flask-like shape. They are made for everyday use, rather than being used in tea ceremonies. I am continuing to work on this series of teabowls and so will most likely add a further small selection some time later on in November.

I have quite a varied selection of postcard works for November - as well as what you have seen this week I also have a small selection of house series sketches, ink drawings and more.

Thanks always. Update at about noon tomorrow.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

midweek mosaic

midweek mosaic

1. #printoctober day 18, 2. Holding Out For Hope, 3. Agosto 2014 - 39, 4. Mermaid cat (close up), 5. Glengennet Valley 2, 6. Untitled, 7. Ukiyoe app and brushes app, 8. My new studio - detail, 9. hydrangeas, 10. Autumnia II, 11. H103_24x25, 12. YOU ARE HERE (beginning in the letter A), 13. cocon's world, 14. cowboys2, 15. �� we stand on guard for thee ��, 16. House On The High Ground., 17. The Crafts 2014, 18. 1DSC_0096, 19. sketchbook, 20. Left an amazing lecture by architect MJ Long & into this street of magic shadows. I think when you're inspired you see Lovely everywhere., 21. DSC_0245, 22. Scourge, 23. Paper sculpting! Super fun experiment., 24. flower - breezy, 25. cushion

A mosaic for the last days of October, full of inspiration - via my Flickr contacts. Many thanks always to the featured artists and photographers. Please follow links to discover more. And not a pumpkin in sight! (I am not anti-pumpkin, just found these more interesting!)

I am busy putting the finishing touches to my postcard series. I'll share a photo of the teabowl group of postcard-sized paintings tomorrow.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014



messengers - a group of six postcard sized original works

A little about the messengers: they came about my chance, a chance meeting of brush strokes if you like. I have been making these abstracted figures in my sketchbooks, working with select colour palettes. So I decided to give myself the challenge of transforming the figures a little further, beyond the sketchbook page and into postcard-sized works. They are worked as automatic drawings, all I know is the selected colours and then I am making marks and looking for signs, the loop of paint that might begin a form that might be someone. Some are more abstracted in nature than others. I see this as an ongoing series. These six will be available from Saturday. Perhaps others will be added to the series in the weeks ahead.

Just a note to let you know: I have had few people ask about the tea bowl paintings - thanks so much for your interest, much appreciated. So that you can see the selection together I hope to share a photo here soon, either tomorrow or Friday. There will be more to come, as I expect to continue painting this series. I'm also working on larger works, not just postcard sized - and these will appear in my Bigcartel shop some time later in November.

It's a busy time for me, but I am especially enjoying the postcards (hope you are too) and look forward to sharing more.