Thursday, 21 July 2016

new work - pictures within pictures

old photos, stacked cups, wild flowers

old photos, stacked cups, wildflowers - gouache on Fabriano paper

A long-term fascination for me is how an artist might 'reproduce' images - postcards on a wall, or photographs, or framed paintings.... Many artists over time have depicted pictures within their compositions, so as with anything, this is not a new idea. There's some interesting art theory regarding the reproduction of grand paintings - the museum culture of postcards etc... but I won't write an essay here. A starting point if you are interested would be John Berger's 'Ways of Seeing', I guess.....

I've worked 'pictures within pictures' into compositions in the past.  I am interested in interiors, so paintings, photographs, all come into consideration perhaps when looking into a room as a painterly space..... In my most recent and ongoing paintings I am considering pictures as a focal point and have so many different ideas to explore. Here I am sharing just a few new paintings.

summer flora & a postcard (Corot portrait)

'summer flora and a postcard (Corot portrait)' - gouache on Fabriano paper

All my recent paintings have been gouache on my favoured Fabriano paper (it's a smooth, tough paper of the highest quality that I enjoy working on). Gouache is a paint that I've worked with for many years now and perhaps prefer over acrylics. In some ways it is like handling watercolour but there is more opportunity for opacity and the paint does not have the same luminosity as watercolour - it is a matt paint and if you accept its chalky properties there's a lot you can do with it. I don't draw with a pencil before painting - as some artists might. I just don't get on with a pencil when painting, it's a personal preference. This means that I work very directly and have to consider my moves with care. As always a certain amount of bravado is required...... These new still life paintings are yet more detailed and are in ways several pictures in one, if you want to see it that way.

(I'll be updating my shop with a variety of new work - next Wednesday 27th).

Monday, 18 July 2016

mosaic Monday

mosaic Monday

1. Bulbus olfactorium, 2. ·, 3. Weighing the Heart, 4. chasing my tail. a combination of approaches., 5. wilted flowers, 6. 17-7, 7. 15 June 2016, 8. felt cloth, printed and stained., 9. Untitled, 10. Blue, 11. Untitled, 12. paper pieces, 13. Untitled, 14. Notting Hill Gate, 15. Set Piece, 16. Untitled, 17. /^^^\, 18. Ironbridge, 19. English summer, 20. ICAD 29 2016, 21. Untitled, 22. Untitled, 23. In the studio, 24. laddern, 25. flounder

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Hello, another Monday here again - and we're having a heatwave..... not a cloud in the sky right now. The heat is due to stay here in the south of England for a few more days before 'normal service' (eg. a bit mixed and cloudy) comes back to us..... Thanks as always to the artists and photographers featured in the mosaic - follow links to discover more....

I've spent this afternoon painting and have a growing list of ideas to explore. I'm looking forward to the summer weeks ahead, having my son home from school (my daughter is at work - how time flies). We plan to enjoy some days out, walks in the woods.... I am sure I'll be working away on plenty and will share more with you here. Looking ahead, I am putting some work aside for a show/exhibition coming up later in the year.

My next shop update will be on Wednesday 27th, usual time of 2pm I think (I'll comfirm nearer the day). Expect to see a new range of paintings, drawings and more.....

This week I hope to share with you a preview of new work and perhaps, yes, sketchbook pages!

Have a good start to your week

Thursday, 14 July 2016

new work - please take a seat

woman reading by a window

woman reading by a window

salad leaves

salad leaves



Most recently I have been drawing and painting seated figures - it's interesting to see how many ways this may be explored. I'm only just touching on a few ideas, of course. Some of my favourite historical paintings are of seated figures (Vanessa Bell's portrait of Virginia Woolf in an orange armchair, for example). I'm finding colour is something I am enjoying very much but at the same time I like to balance my 'colour work' with the understated, expressive black lines of my monoprint drawings.....

I'm working on a selection of new work to be featured in my shop on Wednesday 27th. I prefer to add a selection at a time, so that I can put together a collection for people to consider. So I do not reserve artworks before an update. (I really do appreciate the interest but prefer to add all the work and give anyone interested an open chance). Thanks always.