Wednesday, 30 January 2013

house quartet

house quartet
artist book - house quartet
gouache painting, found text, stitch
a one-only concertina book

mixed media landscape
mixed media landscape
both these mixed media landscapes are postcard sized -
gouache with monoprint (oil on paper) & stitch

I'm intrigued by how I sort of recognise some of these houses and sort of don't. Quite like that.


Norma Conway said...

Brilliant! Smashing! Love this! Norma, x

antArtiste said...

I am just an admirer of your work... You touch my heart... Go on, dear!!!!

Atelier Conti said...

These are really lovely, Cathy. Yes, they are very dream like. I feel the same way about them...I know these houses...or did I just imagine them...

Tina Gilmore said...

I love the house quartet, i know what you mean in 'sort of' recognising them, they're so lovely as is all your work. xx

lifeofdeb said...

I love the addition of the words to the house quartet. It just adds another layer of meaning to them.