Tuesday, 29 January 2013

land & home

smaller landscape
postcard sized landscape - I am working on a new series of landscapes 'land & home' - mostly smaller, about postcard sized....

If you have my zine 'neighbourhood' (sold out), you may recognise the feel of these twilight, dream-inspired places....

Fascinated as I am by land and sky, I am most interested in the human marks on a landscape - houses and the need to feel a sense of home. I'm intrigued by older houses, neighbourhoods that combine eras, abandoned places, the spaces between, the history of a home, and the shadows that appear as the sun goes down....

land & home
  a collage - combining gouache painting and a monoprint made using oil on paper... I'm still in the process of making a further series of these 'diptych' style small works..... (the oil takes time to dry thoroughly).

I'll be adding a small selection of landscapes to my shop today and there will be more to come.... I'll be adding new smaller paintings throughout this week, including new faces.

Meanwhile, quite different perhaps - some embroidery work in progress to share with you:

work in progress
 I had thought I was taking a break from stitching larger works - but then this couple came along.... So I am over halfway into creating this piece and hope to have it completed for perhaps Friday. These things take time and I can only work on the machine embroidery a little at a time because it is quite intensive, concentrated work.


MadBirdDesignsUK said...

Hi Cathy love the landscapes. Your work reminds me of Madge Gill, a female artist who I saw in an exhibition in 2006. I've blogged about her. x Joan

Cathy Cullis said...

hello Joan, thank you - Madge Gill's work has influenced my own certainly yes. I wrote my undergrad dissertation on her work/life along with other so-called outsider artists.