Monday, 29 April 2013

mosaic Monday

mosaic monday

hello and happy Monday - the last one of April..... yes I know, the weeks go by and here we are. Thanks always to my Flickr contacts for sharing their brilliant, inspiring images. Please follow each link to discover more about each artist/photographer.

I am typing this early on a sunny Monday morning - there is much to do and packages to be sent. Many thanks always to you for visiting my shop.

I am hoping to work on new embroidery and paintings this week - I also have a few ideas to explore for my artist book series. The update for this week will be on Friday and I hope to preview beforehand if time allows. Remember I am happy to give more details and reserve an item (for up to one week), just contact me over at my shop. Please note that this weekend coming is a bank holiday for us in the UK so any packages needing to be sent will be shipped Tuesday onwards. Thanks for your understanding.

This past weekend I shared a few new poems over at my poetry notes blog nevering. You are welcome to read - there are three new ones, part of a sequence I am working on as inspiration comes. I'm a 'bout' writer, which means that weeks go by and nothing gets written and then several pages of notes come along and perhaps something interesting evolves. Years ago I was very keen to get my work in print and to be 'a poet. I did my Masters degree in Creative Writing and much of my thinking was about being a writer. But time has changed that. I love to write and always hope I will. Nevering has become an important little space for me, a way to continue.

Well I had better get on with my day. Wishing you a very good start to the week and more soon.


Atelier Conti said...

Thanks Cathy! Love your choices as usual.

Leanne said...

Such a lovely selection - beautiful colours!