Thursday, 13 June 2013

new work - preview

 Hello, I'm sharing here new embroidery works for my shop update tomorrow. I am happy to reserve one item per customer, for up to one week. If you would like more details or to reserve a piece please send me a message via my Etsy shop, thank you.
Two baroque-inspired portraits. One portrait makes use of my favourite peacock blue-green shade, with blue stitch on her gown. The other portrait has copper thread stitching to her gown with a warm brown backdrop. Both these pieces are larger than brooches and are designed as small artworks to display in a box frame, perhaps, or inside a cabinet, or prop on a shelf.

a middle sized brooch 'forever in blue' - an intricate brooch with tumbling dreaming figures and faces....

and two smaller portrait brooches. I think the gentleman has a quietly ghostly feel to him which I quite like..... The woman is stitched in deep blue with a pink backdrop - I don't often use pink but she kept on asking for pink so I went with her request. The green works as a gentle contrast and gives the piece a nice vintage feel, I think.

If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen yesterday one of my new larger gouache paintings - part of a new 'indigo series'. I thought I would share another painting here. Just to let you know I will not be adding any of these new paintings to my shop tomorrow, as I would like a little more time to discover, paint and allow this series to evolve. Hopefully a new selection will be available next week - so please check back if you are interested! Many thanks. Here's another for you to see here.

'Indigo Gardens' - gouache on watercolour paper.

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