Monday, 23 September 2013

new Mondays - O

I'm now at O in my alphabet journey of artists - and this week I have chosen a contemporary creative artist. Chris Olifi was born in 1968, in Manchester. His work fascinates me and I always enjoy seeing it when I visit the Tate. He is perhaps best known for his works incorporating elephant dung and for being part of the 'young British artists' of the 90s. I realise now how young he was then and how he has had such an incredible career, still flourishing. You may read more about Olifi and his work here where you will also find a link to a short film.

I particularly like his etchings. Above is an untitled etching, drypoint with aquatint. She has the characteristic shapes of an oriental perhaps geisha woman, but a certain African look to her also and I really like this coming together of influences, cultures. With such a dazzling orange-red.

Llanberis 17.9.96 

O is also for another contemporary and complex artist: Yoko Ono (born 1933). Her career has spanned several decades and has involved a variety of media. When I think of Ono I think of energy and grit. She is undoubtedly an influence on many musicians and an example of how a woman artist may go from strength to strength. Here's an interesting recent interview.


 Hello, another Monday with an overcast start here.... still relatively mild and it seems we will have a warmish week in the south of England. October is just a week and a bit away, and I am mindful that the next few months may just become very very busy (I hope).

Thanks always for your comments here and elsewhere. I am currently working on a variety of new work and hope to update my Etsy shop this Friday. I am considering a new selection of work for my Bigcartel shop - to come in October. Still in two minds with regards to two shops! We shall see.... I have been asked what I feel are the pros and cons of each, either, both. And there's a lot to consider. It really does depend on how you wish to present your work and where you feel your customer base is established. It seems to me that I have variety of collectors and people interested in my work (thank you) and am very grateful to each one - so I will do my very best to offer my work in the venue(s) that best suits them. 

Have a good week - oh and starting this week I am bringing back the mosaic selections of images by other artists, but as 'midweek mosaic'. So look out for that Wednesdayish....

(apologies for weird spacing on this post, blogger is being awkward this morning, I will try to tidy up later thanks)



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Deborah Darling said...

i love that red portrait, very beautiful , thanks for the knowledge Cathy xxx