Monday, 18 November 2013

New Mondays - V

Yes, almost not quite at the end of my alphabet journey. This week it is V and next week will be my last - W. Stopping there unless someone can passionately suggest an artist they like for xyz. So V......

V is for Vuillard. Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) was a French painter who along with others including Bonnard formed a group called Nabis, meaning prophet. The group were passionate about a more simplified, decorative form of painting inspired by earlier painters such as Gauguin. I've become more interested in Vuillard in recent years and you could say I love some of his paintings, having not paid much attention to them as a student. In particular, I enjoy seeing his interior/still life painting 'The Earthenware Pot' (below) which is on display in the National Gallery, London. It is a pleasing beauty with its interesting use of space, pattern and deep colours. You really do have to see it in person to appreciate its richness and depth.

V is also for Vermeer - perhaps like me you think of refined interiors and the portrait 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', and the novel inspired by the painting, the novel by Tracy Chevalier. There's a lot to find out about Vermeer and here's a site that seems to have just about everything - you could become happily lost there for a while. There was an exhibition at the National Gallery this past summer 'Vermeer and Music', sadly I did not get to see this one but here's a link to the exhibition pages for more to explore.

'Woman Holding a Balance' is perhaps a very fine example of what Vermeer is all about to our modern eye: beautiful light and shade, attention to detail and narrative. I like particularly the painting in the background. The thoughtful, pregnant young woman holds a jeweller's or goldsmith's balance tool. With strong allegorical qualities, this is a painting with many suggestions and no one clear meaning.


Many thanks always for visiting here. It's been a chilly overcast start to the week and a busy one too, sending off packages. Hello to new readers and glad you have found my blog.

This week I am busy with new embroidery and paintings. I have various ideas and that's all I can say, as I wait to see what comes to life..... So, I hope to have a lovely selection of work to share for my Friday update. Please note I'll be updating my Etsy shop on Friday a little later than usual at about 6pm (I usually update about 2pm).

I'll be updating my shop each Friday until December 13th - that will be my last update of the year. My shop will close for a while over the Christmas period and I'll let you know exact dates in a few weeks.

Have a very good start to your week and more soon.


Deborah Darling said...

a pleasure to read as always xxx

Dyl Pickle said...
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Dyl Pickle said...

Oh V is for the very best!
I love, love, love Vuillard and can't believe how underrated he has been (probably considered too decorative and not conceptual enough, especially later work). Love Vermeer and his delicacy too, and of course there is always Van Gogh....

Dyl Pickle said...

Hi Cathy - this is Michelle Kingdom btw, this google account is set up for my daughter!!! Cheers.